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As a group of EFT therapists here in New Zealand we want to be able to connect and support each other  as best we can and in what ever ways seem most helpful. We are dedicated to learning together and in bringing EFT to NZ couples.

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This section of this website is designed for therapist communication and support.

EFT Training

Orlistat vente libre - Reliable websites to buy orlistat

Auckland: 20-21 July 2018

$300 or $275 if paid before 1 July 2018

For more information on this training -> Click Here

To register click here

A Masterclass with Kathryn Rheem – Managing Trauma in Stage 2.

Auckland: 31 Aug – 1 Sep 2018

$450 or $400 if paid before 1 Aug 2018

For more information on this training -> Click Here

And for information on Kathryn Rheem

To register click here

EFT Core Skills 1 Training

November 2018 – Tauranga and Christchurch – dates to be advised. Please register your interest on the registration form

To register click here

EFT Core Skills 2 Training

To be held in 2019 – dates and location to be advised

Advanced Trainings with Alison Lee and Lorrie Brubacher – Auckland and Wellington

dates to be advised. Please register your interest on the registration form

To register click here

EFT Training Events in Australia

For training events in Australia go to:



If you have any questions…Please email any questions you have about any of this or future EFT training to eftnewzealand@gmail.com and someone will get back to you.

EFT Resources

International Center For Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy


This is the website for all EFT practitioners world wide. See www.iceeft.com

It provides the following information:
  • Information about membership, events and training
  • Requirements for Certification
  • Lists of all the trainers and supervisors, and EFT centres, communities and practitioners by location around the world (looking at some of those EFT community websites can be a source of ideas and resources)
  • Purchase books and DVDs with your members’ discount·
  • EFT-based publications, articles, research and other authors (not Sue Johnson)

Sue Johnson

Sue formulated this approach to couple therapy along with Les Greenburg in the 80’s. Since then Sue has been key and instrumental in the ongoing research, development and promotion of EFT.  Sue remains an integral and active part in all EFT Centres and Communities around the globe. Some interesting information from Sue can be found in the following internet sites:

Sue’s Blog:     Dr Sue Johnson Blog

Facebook:    Dr Sue Johnson Facebook

Twitter:          Dr Sue Johnson Twitter

YouTube – numerous clips of Sue talking about EFT and love: Dr Sue Johnson YouTube

Hold Me Tight – Conversations for Connection with short DVD clip showing three couples who have completed EFT work. This supports the Conversations for Connection set of two DVD’s of Sue talking with three couples about their relationship journey with EFT:     Hold Me Tight

EFT-related ‘You-Tube’ Clips

The Still-Face experiment by Dr Edward Tronick. This is attachment theory in action and shows a child’s reaction when the mother does not respond or interact with the child. Much research supports the view that adults react in similar ways when their partner, their loved one, shuts them out, does not respond and / or shuts down emotionally to them.  This is very powerful:   Still-Face Experiment

Brene Brown is a well renown researcher into human connection, love and belonging. She talks about and shares her own experience of shame and vulnerability. This clip of Brene sharing her vulnerability has had over 13 million views and is well worth taking the time to watch:  Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability.

Research including brain scans have become an important way of measuring effectiveness of EFT. Here Sue talks about the fMRI study showing that connection with a loved one changes how we respond to threat and pain:  Soothing the Threatened Brain.

The laws of love by Sue Johnson:  Sue Johnson Videos

DVDs and Books

Books and DVD’s are available to ICEEFT members at a 15% discount. Go to ICEEFT Website

“Emotionally Focused therapy: A Complete Treatment” (3 video set) by Rebecca Jorgensen.  Deepen your understanding of
EFT by watching an entire unedited 10 session course of therapy. Click here.
“Love You Hate the Porn” by Mark Chamberlain and Geoff Steurer – This is an excellent book on relationships damaged by pornography, from an attachment perspective and written by EFT therapists.

“EFT for Dummies” by Brent Bradley and James Furrow – This is a well reviewed comprehensive book with over 300 pages of helpful material.

“Peace in the heart and Home” by Charlotte Mikulka – A down to earth guide to creating a better life for you and your loved ones and endorsed by leading EFT Therapists & Supervisors

Articles & other websites which describe or talk about EFT

(This section is currently being reviewed and edited)
From Rebecca Jorgensen, NZ EFT Trainer: Therapist to Therapist and Self of the Therapist
And for couples and more general information from Becca – see Becca’s Blog
A summary article about Attachment and EFT can be found here at www.psychotherapy.net
An article about how social workers are finding EFT to be a good fit with a strength-based perspective: The Social Work Connection
 A local NZ writer Helen Mounsey, from Christchurch, has a clearly written article about attachment bonds and what happens when we have disagreements and arguments with our partners: How attachment affects your love life

EFT Supervisors

New Zealand based

Fully accredited EFT Supervisors

  • Sue Morrison
  • Heike McCahon
  • Yve Gould

EFT Supervisors in Training

  • Susan Harding
  • Anne Kemps
  • Celia James
  • Jenny Hill

Supervision can be obtained via Skype from International EFT Supervisors who can be found on the ICEEFT website.

On the path to becoming a fully accredited Supervisor, there is a classification of Supervisor-In-Training. To be in this category the Supervisor must be formally working towards EFT Supervisor status and be receiving specific Supervisor-in-Training supervision from two accredited EFT Supervisors.

Supervision received from a Supervisor-in-Training does count towards the ‘hours of supervision from an EFT Supervisor’ required for EFT certification.

Supervisors in Training

There are three supervisors-in-training in New Zealand.

Jenny Hill – Tauranga

Jenny attained her EFT certification in December 2012 and has a Post-Graduate Certificate in Supervision from Auckland University. She receives supervision from Alison Lee, PhD. Ottawa Canada and from Rebecca Jorgensen, PhD. San Diego USA via Skype.

Jenny is available to provide EFT Supervision at her office in Tauranga or via Skype. Please contact Jenny to enquire further: Ph 07-578 0959 or email: jenny.hill@baycounselling.co.nz

Other details are available on the EFT website – on the Find a Therapist page.

Sue Morrison – Wellington

Contact details are available on the EFT website – on the Find a Therapist page.

Overseas, including Australia

On the ICEEFT website there is a list of approximately 100 supervisors: see iceeft.com EFT Supervisors

There are two supervisors plus one supervisor-in-training in Australia:  see Click here to go to ACEFT

Local EFT Community Groups

This section provides information about EFT groups that operate in different parts of New Zealand.


Scheduled dates and times

  • Meeting: Sept 25th, 7:30pm-9pm at 4 Paget Rd, Ponsonby – Ally Waite is presenting on EFT & Sex Therapy
  • Oct 23rd, 6:30pm – 9pm – 4 Paget Rd, Ponsonby
  • Nov 29th – 72 The Drive, Epsom – time to be advised – Xmas ‘Do’ Pot Luck


  •  At either 4 Paget Rd, or Ponsonby or 72 The Drive, Epsom (see meeting details above)

Contact person

  • Susan Harding – ph 09-360 711909-360 7119



Scheduled dates and times

  • Meetings – 5pm-6:30pm on 2 Sept, 14 Oct & 25 Nov.

Contact person

  • Jenny Hill ph 07-578 095907-578 0959




(Including Wairarapa, Kapiti Coast & Palmerston North)

This group is open to therapists and others working with couples and families, interested in learning about and applying EFT to their work and/or own relationships.   All levels of experience working with couples are welcome.  Attendees are welcome to bring along:

  • Topics for discussion e.g. learnings from working with couples
  • Taped EFT couples work for feedback from other group members (self/trainer tapes).
  • Resources such as books, articles, DVDs of Dr Jorgensen counselling couples.
  • Presentations or anything else attendees wish to share.


Wellington EFT Peer Supervision Group Meeting dates

Heike McCahon is running Introductory EFT 2 day workshops around the country (see flyer) and would like to know if we would like one here in August in Wellington. If so, then she would like one of you to help her promote the workshop. Please get in touch with her if this is of interest to you.

Dates for 2018 are as follows. These are all 4:00-6:00pm and we will be located at a new venue at L7, Change House, 150 Featherstone St.

  • Monday 26th February
  • Monday 12th March
  • Monday 9th April
  • Monday 14th May
  • Monday 11th June
  • Monday 2nd July
  • Monday 13th August
  • Monday 10th September
  • Monday 15th October
  • Monday 26th November

Where we meet

  • Level 7, Change House, 150 Featherstone Street, Wellington CBD.
  • Change House is situated halfway down Featherstone St between Johnston St and Brandon St (same block as The Leuven). Take the lifts to level 7 (slide door to open lift) and look for the sign ‘City Psychotherapy & Associates’. Go through this door and we are in the first room on your left.
  • Change House is situated 10 minutes walk from the Wellington Central bus and train station. ‘Pay &  Display’ parks are available if travelling by car.


Venue hire is $5.00 each.

What to bring

If you have a DVD/tape to share, then please bring something to play it on. Otherwise, just bring yourself.

Contact person

Belinda Hodson on (027) 659-4450 or email: belinda.hodson@gmail.com. 


NZ Community for EFT Members Information

Notice of 2018 AGM

10 July 2018
7:30pm – On-line meeting.
Contact: Liz Cammock for further information. eftnewzealand@gmail.com