EFT Supervisors

New Zealand based

Fully accredited EFT Supervisors

  • Sue Morrison
  • Heike McCahon
  • Yve Gould

EFT Supervisors in Training

  • Susan Harding
  • Anne Kemps
  • Celia James
  • Jenny Hill

Supervision can be obtained via Skype from International EFT Supervisors who can be found on the ICEEFT website.

On the path to becoming a fully accredited Supervisor, there is a classification of Supervisor-In-Training. To be in this category the Supervisor must be formally working towards EFT Supervisor status and be receiving specific Supervisor-in-Training supervision from two accredited EFT Supervisors.

Supervision received from a Supervisor-in-Training does count towards the ‘hours of supervision from an EFT Supervisor’ required for EFT certification.

Supervisors in Training

There are three supervisors-in-training in New Zealand.

Jenny Hill – Tauranga

Jenny attained her EFT certification in December 2012 and has a Post-Graduate Certificate in Supervision from Auckland University. She receives supervision from Alison Lee, PhD. Ottawa Canada and from Rebecca Jorgensen, PhD. San Diego USA via Skype.

Jenny is available to provide EFT Supervision at her office in Tauranga or via Skype. Please contact Jenny to enquire further: Ph 07-578 0959 or email: jenny.hill@baycounselling.co.nz

Other details are available on the EFT website – on the Find a Therapist page.

Sue Morrison – Wellington

Contact details are available on the EFT website – on the Find a Therapist page.

Overseas, including Australia

On the ICEEFT website there is a list of approximately 100 supervisors: see iceeft.com EFT Supervisors

There are two supervisors plus one supervisor-in-training in Australia:  see Click here to go to ACEFT