Therapist levels of training

a knockout post Level 1:  “Externship” – therapists will have completed a 4 day training externship where they have learned the principles and theory behind EFT. They will have knowledge of, and some experience in putting this into practice in a therapeutic way.

Level 2:  “Additional” – therapists have completed the Level 1 training plus have attended an additional 6 further days of training to enhance and solidify the Core Skills required to put EFT therapy into practice; and have also received a minimum of 8 hours EFT specific supervision and support from an EFT Supervisor.

Level 3:   “Certified” – therapists have gained Certification as an EFT couples Therapist. This is a recognised accreditation which requires submission of work to an International EFT panel to ensure therapy is a pure approach to EFT and at International standards.

Level 4:   “Supervisor” – therapists have complete requirements to supervise and provide consultation on the work of other EFT therapists.

Additionally all therapists will be members of ICEEFT (International Center for Excellence in EFT) and generally be widely read and well informed of Attachment Theory – The Key to Love.

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Therapist Training in NZ

EFT Therapists are specifically trained in this approach to couple therapy.  This training has to be provided by a trainer certified by the International Centre for Excellence in EFT, based Ottawa.
Since 2008 Dr Rebecca Jorgensen from the Training and Research Institute for EFT at Alliant University, San Diego, California, has come to New Zealand at least once a year to conduct training.
Supervision of therapists in training in New Zealand has also mostly been provided by supervisors in the US or Canada.
The therapists on this website are shown to be at one of five levels of training and experience.


Mandy Chapman-Smith

Level 2: Additional


Private Practice
HopeAnchor Counselling Services
33 Porowini Ave,

Tel 021 438 675

From Mandy:  Working on relationships takes courage.  I find working with EFT creates a very safe, respectful and non blaming space for couples who really want change in their relationship  to discover and effect those changes.

Linda Boyd

Level 2: Additional

154 Bank Street,
Whangarei 0140

Ph: 0272454613

From Linda:
I feel so privileged to help couples move away from disconnection, distress and a sense of hopelessness and guide them to connect with each other in a more intimate, loving and respectful way.
With over 35 years experience in the health sector and counselling in private practice since 2000.
I have experience working with affairs, pornography, trauma, abuse, anger, grief , addictions and depression.
My approach is emotionally focused therapy (EFT) It works!
Contact me today. I offer caring, non judgemental and confidential counselling.


Richard Fox

Richard F

Level 1: Externship

Counselling & Psychotherapy
4 Paget Street, Ponsonby
Auckland 1071

Ph: (09) 376 2007  / 021 181 2643

From Richard:  One of my leading interests is working with couples using emotionally Focussed Therapy. I have trawled through many approaches to couples work before I found this approach. I find EFT a safe and powerful way of working with couples. For more about other EFT therapists in Auckland have a look at and for more about myself

Anne Kemps

Anne K

Level 3: Certified
B. Couns

Private Practice & Life Unlimited         
Epsom, Auckland

Ph: (09) 361 4163  /  0274 823 321


From Anne:  EFT makes total sense! It is a way of working that enables couples to venture into places in their relationship that have been out of bounds for some time. And that new depth of working brings a level of understanding that results in a freshness and intimacy that has been missing.

Susan Harding

Susan Harding

Level 3: Certified
M.A., PGDipClinPsych
Clinical Psychologist

Ponsonby Psychology, 179a Ponsonby Rd
Byron Chambers, 2 Byron Ave, Takapuna

09 3607119 | 0274 502 372

From Susan: I have been working with the EFT for couples approach for the past 5 years, and completed the advanced Core Skills training in 2011.  I am honoured to experience the transformation of relationships that is possible through using this model to help couples connect in a more heartfelt way.  I am experienced in working with a wide variety of mental health issues as a Clinical Psychologist  for the past 22 years, both in the UK and New Zealand so I can bring this depth of understanding to couples work, along with other training that  I have .  For further information please visit my website at

Isabella Van Hoye

isabella van hoye

Level 3: Certified
Registered Psychotherapist NZAP

Gloucester Court,
1 Franklin Road,
Ponsonby 1011

m: 0274553166


From Isabella: In our busy and often stressful lives I find the model of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)  an effective and  powerful model, grounded in research that enables couples to slow down, to safely explore their issues and discover healthier and long-lasting ways for emotional reconnection.  I am often touched by the confidence given to me by couples to work alongside them as they seek to better their relationships, understand their negative cycle that catches them out and consequently discover and move towards a deeper, more loving connection and bond with each other.
For more information about me see

Steven Dromgool

Relate Steven Drom 02 (2)

Level 2: Additional
Adv Imago Therapist

Relate Chambers, 94 Jervois Road, Ponsonby,Auckland 1011

Ph: 027 4101102

From Steven: As a specialist couples therapist I have trained extensively in a variety of couples therapy approaches.  I like the clear structure of the EFT process and the ability to engage in a powerful connected way with couples.  I also like the solid research work that underpins EFT.

For more information about me check out or you can check out my profile on

Lorraine Sievers

Level 1: Externship

Lorraine Sievers of Building Families,
1/118A Victoria Street,
Onehunga, Auckland 1061

Ph: 0274921962

From Lorraine: It has been a privilege to train as an EFT couple therapist after practicing over the past 18 years as a counsellor, family therapist, attachment-parenting educator, and as a supervisor.  I have always had a passion for helping couples and families find the experience of love they long for, and to find healing from past emotional hurt. I consider EFT to be the ultimate approach for couples and families who are experiencing distress and disconnect in their relationships.  I love the way the EFT model is designed to identify the conversations that keep us stuck, help to make sense of the deeper places within ourselves and our loved ones, and equip us to reestablish safe emotional connection “for a lifetime of love” (Dr. Sue Johnson’s words).

Blair Shulze

Blair Shulze
Level 2: Additional
Registered Psychotherapist
B.Arch(Hons), M.NSc(Hons), PBANZ, NZAP

Counselling Works,
Youthline House,
13 Maidstone Street,

Ph: 021 437 080

I am a registered Psychotherapist who has been working in the counselling profession for over 20 years and couple therapy is a particular passion of mine. It is a privilege to help couples move away from problematic communication and guide them to connect in a more intimate & heartfelt way. I am experienced with most issues affecting couples including affairs, addictions, depression and anxiety. For more information about me see .

Jo Batts

Jo Batts
Level 2: Additional

Provisional member NZAC, ICEFT

B.Couns, Adv Sex Therapy

The Parenting Place
300 Great South Road
Auckland 1051

Ph: 021 525343



Jo is passionate about relationships. Recognising that life is a lot more enjoyable and fulfilling when our relationships are thriving, Jo has dedicated her training and her practice to support couples as they find their way back to one another through difficult or challenging seasons.

Having trained extensively in advanced sex therapy and emotionally focused therapy, Jo works collaboratively with couples to explore the places where their relationship has become stuck in criticism, blame, anger and resentment. The goal of working together is to establish new and healthy relationship patterns that in turn provide a deep sense of connection, safety and security. Most couples experience their new relationship pattern as life changing which sets them free to focus on the rest of life’s joys and challenges.

Jo’s approach to therapy is grounded in the science of relationships along with practical real life experience and a pragmatic caring style of listening without judgment.

Rob Mason

Rob Mason
Level 2: Additional
Dip Tchg., TTC., B.D., PG.Dip Ed (Couns)., Cert. Supervision, MNZCCA.

Rob Mason Counselling & Consultancy Services,
10 Raelene Place,
Auckland 0614

Ph: 09 833 9829

About Rob:
Rob is an experienced couples therapist, who is amongst the first group of therapists to train in New Zealand in Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy. He works with varying ages and stages of relationships with a wide range of relationship issues. He has a breadth of vocational experience, including pastoral ministry, social work, teaching, management and working in labouring gangs.

Bridget Macdonald

Bridget Macdonald
Level 3: Certified

PeopleSupport Services Limited
5 Speight Road,
Auckland 1071

Ph: 021 451 193


Website :

Couples Therapy, Counselling and Mediation
Feeling deeply connected to a partner brings joy and security, giving confidence in other key relationships and life endeavours.
When we face mountains together they don’t seem so high! EFT offers a well-proven map to getting us all back on track from disconnection, distance, despair, entrenched patterns or injury. It will give you ways to hear, confide in and experience your partner with new depth and beauty.
I am passionate about the transforming change and healing that EFT brings to relationships. Understanding and working with emotions to shape safe, fulfilling, balanced lives is central to every aspect of my practice and daily life. I apply EFT principles and learnings to working with couples and individuals, leaders, managers and groups in businesses and hospitals. It is a honour to join with people to discover how their relational lives can be optimised.
I work early morning, daytime and 4 evenings a week to provide flexible session options.

Roger Elley-Brown

BA (Victoria)
BD (Melb)
Grad Dip Psych (AUT)

Elley-Brown Consultants
Epsom, Auckland

Ph: 0211580525

Garey Clark

Garey Clark

Level 1: Externship
B.Theol, B.Counselling, ProvMNZAC

Moving Forward Counselling Services,
Youthline House Manukau
145 St George Street,

Ph: 021 421 698

I am a registered with the New Zealand Association of Counsellors and have been working with people in a pastoral capacity for over 20 years and as a counsellor in the last 7 years. Couple therapy is a particular passion of mine. Working with people who love each other but find circumstances have created road blocks not bridges to communication. Helping couples find a way to reconnect in an intimate and caring way is what I’m about. For more information about me see .

Andrew Connolly

Level 1: Externship
M.Ed. (Hons) Counselling, B.Min., MNZCCA, ACSD, ACC Approved, CCPS- candidate
Counsellor Registered with NZAC

Counselling Creatively Ltd,
Counselling – Supervision – Spiritual Direction – Debriefing,
116 Fordyce Rd,
RD1 Helensville 0874

Ph. 0272826305

I have worked as a counsellor for over 18 years. Initially as a career counsellor, then with a focus on men, young me and families, and most recently with sexual addicts and their partners. In addition to counselling I am a qualified clinical supervisor and practice as a spiritual director. I completed the EFT Externship in 2018 and view all my work through this lens. For further information please visit our website at

Angela Shaw

Level 1: Externship
Registered Psychotherapist (ProvMNZAP)

Three Lamps Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre
2 Jervois Road
Ponsonby, Auckland

New Lynn Osteopathic Clinic
40 Titirangi Rd
New Lynn, Auckland

Ph: 021 255 7154

From Angela: I have training in a variety of couples therapy models and find Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples to be very effective in restoring and/or enhancing a loving connection. I can help you to think about what makes relationships work well and to learn to manage your conflicts and arguments more effectively. Together we’ll look at where you are both getting stuck in your relationship. My areas of special interest include anxiety and depression, grief and loss, maternal mental health, fertility issues and secondary infertility. I find that these issues can often be very effectively addressed in the context of the couple relationship. Additionally, I have a particular interest in how people who have characteristics of Asperger Syndrome experience relationships and in the experiences of their intimate partners.


Jenny Hill


Level 3: Certified
EFT Supervisor – In Training
For Jenny’s profile click here

Mount Counselling & Mediation
190b Maunganui Road
Mt Maunganui, Bay of Plenty

Ph: 07-572-1908
Mobile: 027-2424-624

From Jenny:  I have great belief in EFT founding principles, theory and the immense research which backs it up, however what attracted me most to Emotionally Focused Therapy is that it makes sense in a logical way. In every day life and with all the relationships in my world knowing and living by EFT principles and values has made a huge difference to my way of being in this world. I sincerely believe EFT is a successful approach to creating loving relationships and understanding relationships in a different and more helpful manner, and I have great privilege and pride to be able to walk alongside couples in their journey to greater closeness and safe emotional connection.

Yve Gould

150620 Yve 4 (3)

Level 3: Certified

Couples therapy information here:

I am a Registered Psychotherapist who specialises in psychotherapy for individuals and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples.
I am based in Papamoa Beach (near Tauranga, New Zealand) and I also work both nationally and internationally via Skype.Conversations for Connection – workshops for couples

Being together in a couple is an art.  Over time, patterns can develop which prevent us from being able to hear one another, or to understand one another.  This workshop is helpful for couples who are distressed and also for couples who want to feel closer and more connected.
Workshop Information here:

Debbie Penlington

Level 2: Additional

Options Counselling,
Level 1 Churchill Building,
45 Grey Street,
Tauranga CBD,

Phone: 027 824 7518

From Debbie: I enjoy working with couples and individuals experiencing a wide range of issues including sexual problems, affairs,

trauma, anxiety, pornography, depression, abuse, grief and loss, anger, cancer and chronic health issues.

My couples work is based on Emotionally Focused Therapy and the development of emotional responsiveness between partners. I am  passionate about working with couples to understand the negative pattern in their relationship (we all have one) that results in feelings of disconnection and conflict. Once the pattern is clear we then work together to replace this with a more positive pattern that builds connection, closeness, security and a long lasting loving bond. For more information please visit my website

I also work with my colleague Yve to offer Conversations for Connection-Couples workshops in Tauranga. You can find participant feedback and more information on our workshop at

Helen Day

Level 1: Externship
Bachelor of Counselling and Diploma in Family Support.

Explora Counselling,
Private Practice,
Tauranga 3118

Ph: 022 408 6653

From Helen: In using EFT, I really enjoy seeing couples re-connect in a greater way than before. EFT taps into each partner’s deep needs and brings understanding of the underlying emotions that caused them to disconnect from each other. EFT also inspires hope for the relationship.

Palmerston North

Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin
Level 1: Externship
MNZAC, MCouns, BTh

Te Aroha Noa Community Services
12-28 Brentwood Avenue,
Palmerston North, 4412

Phone: 06 354 8458
Mobile: 021 0765 657

Helping couples recapture what they once had; the love that drew them together in the first place, is for me, very satisfying. While I have training in other approaches to relationship counselling, EFT goes deeper and helps couples see the underlying issues and emotions that cause their difficulties and distress. Once they start to understand how and why they get into their destructive patterns, hope is rekindled that they can do things differently and that their relationship can get better. I work with a wide range of clients from varied cultures and backgrounds and I value working with couples for whom spiritual beliefs and faith are an important part of their lives. Counselling can be expensive, but at Te Aroha Noa Community Services where I work, we try to make it as accessible and affordable as possible.


Bob Cavanagh


Level 3: Certified
MTh (Paris)
For Bob’s profile  click here

Counselling & Psychotherapy
1 Thorndon Quay, Wellington

Ph: 021 406 260


From Bob: I am one of six directors of Counselling and Psychotherapy Associates (CPA) in Wellington and work full-time as a couples and marriage relationship counsellor.  I do no individual counselling or supervision.  I specialise in EFT, and also bring a wide range of other learning, personal development and life experience to my work.

Sue Morrison

Sue Morrison

Level 4: Supervisor
Level 1
35 Victoria St
Wellington Central
Email: (for inquiries), or phone 0276746698
I have been working with couples for the past ten years to help create secure connections between partners. This has healing implications for the wider family and for the individuals in their personal life, as well as – and most importantly – giving couples the experience of having a life partner who is a true friend and confidante. I help you to make sense of the miscommunication between you and enable the loving and caring intent to take forefront in the way you communicate with each other.
EFT Supervision – I offer supervision to EFT therapists to help therapists be more attuned to themselves, the EFT model and their couples.

Fran Parkin

Fran Parkin

Level 2: Additional
M Couns.
Psychotherapist, Counsellor

Counselling and Psychotherapy Associates,
3rd floor, Tramways Building,
1 Thorndon Quay, Pipitea, Wellington.

Phone: +64 (0)4 499 8526


From Fran:  Working with couples is challenging and dynamic. Couples often arrive in therapy as a result of some crisis or feeling desperate or disheartened about their relationship. Emotionally focused therapy is an even-handed and powerful way of helping couples to focus on the connection underneath the issues and get their relationship back on track- if that is what they want.  It comes from a solid research base and makes sense both personally and professionally. Practitioners in this approach get ongoing supervision and support so the work is constantly being reviewed and refreshed.

May Sahar


Level 2: Additional
B.A (Psych);  Dip. Psychosynthesis Counselling

May Sahar Counselling & Therapy
151 Wilton Road
Wilton, Wellington

Ph: 021 403 818
Mays Profile

From May: When I was introduced to Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy as a way to work with distressed couples, it resonated with many of my core beliefs.

We all have the potential to grow and change; we are doing the best we can with what we are currently aware of; old patterns of relating we learned in our earlier years, which may have served us well once, can get in the way of creating a loving, intimate relationship as an adult.

I use EFT to focus on the emotional bond between you and your partner. When you understand the obstacles, you can learn how to reconnect and build closeness and security.  We are all ‘a work in progress’ and I feel fortunate to be able to guide couples to rediscover the joy and satisfaction that a loving relationship can bestow.
Please have a look at my website (as above) if you would like to know more about me and the way I work.

Christine Thomson

Christine T

Level 1: Additional
Masters of Counselling
Diploma in Social Work
For Christine’s profile click here

Rooms in: Kapiti, Porirua and Wellington CBD

Ph: 021 247 4717

From Christine: Having seen and worked with different approaches to couple therapy, EFT stands out as a model that enables couples to readily get to their key issues and needs, and experience moments of change that have a lasting affect. Couples come to understand the pattern of relating that creates distance, and develop a new pattern of relating based on a close connection, allowing them to deal with old and new hurts.  It is exciting to see them begin to share and respond to each-others needs in a free and trusting manner, and successfully deal with new challenges. My own relationships benefit daily from the principles of EFT.

Annie Rogers

Annie Rogers

Level 3: Certified

Counselling and Psychotherapy Associates,
Level 3, 1 Thorndon Quay, Wellington.

From Annie: I am a psychotherapist and one of 6 directors of Counseling and Psychotherapy Associates in central Wellington.   Training in Emotionally Focused Therapy has been a wonderful personal and professional experience. It is pleasure to find a model that is so effective in transforming couples relationships. I am passionate about supporting couples to work together to face their hurts in a way that enables a deepening and strengthening of their bonds. Our healthy relationships provide us all with resilience, love and compassion for others.

Marion Wade

150310 marion wade

Level 2: Additional

MSc (Psychotherapy)
Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies
ACC Registered

The Terrace, CBD                                                                                    

Mail: PO Box 24 076,Wellington 6142
Telephone: 021 850 094

From Marion:  I have worked with couples providing sex therapy since 1997. I realised that some couples needed particular assistance with their communication and tricky feelings they were stuck in, before they could make the most of sex therapy. I find that an emotionally focused therapy can make the difference. While many relationships need help to achieve sexual satisfaction some need help to feel comfortable in intimacy and to feel emotionally safe together; before they can sort out their sexual situation.

I personally and professionally enjoy the EFT way of being and working. I find that when a couple relax and feel confident about feeling understood together, the benefits of this can extend into other relationships and areas of their lives.

I am at level 2 in regular supervision, working towards certification in EFT.

Dr Celia James

Celia (2)

Level 3: Certified,  EFT Supervisor In Training

MNZAC, MNZAP, Registered Psychotherapist
PhD, MA (Applied), BA (Hons),
Post Graduate Certificate Health (Eating Disorders),
Certificate Counselling

Celia James -Counselling and Psychotherapy, 3rd Floor, Tramways Building, 1 Thorndon Quay, Wellington.

Ph 021336245


About Celia: Our relationships with our loved ones are significant. They are the source of our greatest joy and can also be the cause of our greatest pain.  I am passionate about helping couples and individuals enhance and strengthen their close relationships. I am passionate about Emotionally Focused Therapy which is the fastest growing evidence-based approach to working with couples.  Over and over again in my office I have experienced its power to help a wide range of couples such as same sex couples, and couples from diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

All of us feel stuck and disconnected at times, and I can help you to reconnect with your important loved ones. I am committed to ongoing supervision and training in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

I am available to offer couple therapy intensives.  Intensives involve attending for several hours at a time over a 2-4 day period. I am a supervisor in training and I offer supervision.

Belinda Hodson

Belinda Hodson March2016 (2)

Level 2: Additional
Bachelor of Counselling

Rooms in: Porirua, Johnsonville, Petone and Wellington CBD

Ph:        027 659 4450

From Belinda: For many, the decision to seek professional help for their relationship is often a big and scary step. I know this from my own experience of seeking help many years ago with my own. I use Emotionally Focussed Therapy (EFT) because it is respecting of people’s beliefs and values about relationships, is non-judgemental and the couples I see feel safe to explore the issues in their relationship that really matter to them. 30 years of research proves the effectiveness of EFT and many NZ therapists I speak to who use this approach agree. In addition to de-escalating conflict, EFT helps deepen the connection with one another. A deep connection of closeness and love creates lasting results from therapy and is often the single most important thing people seek in their relationship.  Helping couples rediscover that connection is a privilege.

Sonya McKirdy

sonya mckirdy sept152_Fotor (2)

Level 1: Externship
Bachelor of Counselling

Member Te Whariki Tautoko

Based in Petone, Lower Hutt  

Ph: 021 206 2450

From Sonya: Relationships can sometimes be challenging, and we may feel lost within the relationship or disconnected from our partner. This can happen gradually, or in times of change, distress or worry.

Emotionally Focused Therapy offers a wonderfully effective way of reconnecting, and can help create an opportunity for healing and new beginnings.

I offer family, couple or one on one, confidential counselling, in a safe, supportive and professional environment.

Cary Hayward

150810 cary hayward

Level 2 Additional
Diploma Psychotherapy
BA Psych
Post Grad Dip Education

Rooms in Whitby and Wellington CBD

Ph 027 2216871

From Cary: I have had the privilege of leading the initial development of Emotionally Focused Therapy in New Zealand by bringing Dr Rebecca Jorgensen to New Zealand from 2008 to 2014. Over this time I have worked very closely with Rebecca developing the organisation, training and practice of EFT in NZ, and have organised and hosted trainings to over 260 counsellors from NZ, Australia and the US. Through this work I have had exposure to many training hours and many hours of conversation with Rebecca and other practitioners about the practice of EFT and its application to different aspects of relationship work.

I love working with couples, and for me EFT has brought a magic ingredient to this work. EFT focuses on the attachment dynamics in a relationship and how these influence the ways that we respond to one another and try to get what we need in our relationships – our patterns of connection and disconnection. Once we can understand these patterns we can start to get beyond the dramas that get in the way, and to get to the places we want to be with one another. EFT helps us to move away from moments of disconnection, frustration or despair and to find our way to moments of satisfaction, connection, hope and love.

I work from a beautiful spot in Whitby with amazing views of the Pauatahanui Inlet and surrounding hills, and also from rooms in the CBD (Wellington). My website should be up in September ’15 with more information about me and the way I work.

Dr Celia Falchi

Celia Falchi

Level 1 Externship

Kotahitanga: Wellbeing, Unity and New Beginnings,
35 Box Hill,
Wellington 6035

Ph: 021672017

From Celia: Celia is a registered psychologist and specialises working with parenting, adolescents, families and couples.
She also has special interest in working with families with unique family situations such as children who present with
Motor Stereotypies Disorder, Autism, ADHD, and attachment issues. Or managing to live with additional (or care for)
additional family members such as grandparents (independent or otherwise).
Celia has two children.

Ann Jay

Ann Jay
Level 1: Externship

Relationship Wellbeing Specialist,
10 Troon crescent, Boulcott,
Lower Hutt, Wellington 5010

Ph: 021 26 89 842

Ann is a qualified Counsellor trained at externship level in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples, a member of the
International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT), NZAC and International Institute for Complementary therapist (IICT)

Since 2012 to present Ann's private practice specialises in relationship well-being offering relationship counselling and relationship coaching services to couples, individuals and singles.
Before going into private practice, Ann worked as a counsellor in a variety of counselling agencies throughout the Christchurch and Canterbury areas, working with adults, couples, children and teenagers since 2008.
Ann also practised as mental health nurse (RMN) and general health nurse (RGN) in the UK and has 16 years of experience, in which she worked in acute psychiatry, drug rehabilitation, accident emergency and community mental health.

Ines Ferrer-Bergua

Level 2: Additional

Private Practice in Strathmore & CBD,

Ph: 021 038 4700

We can get stuck in negative dynamics with our most loved ones. EFT has helped me personally in my own relationship and it is rewarding to help couples find their way to a more secure and loving relationship, where that they can feel loved and secure and get their needs met by one another.

Katrina Jacobsen

Level 2: Additional
Member of New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists (NZAP)

K Jacobsen Therapy,
Level 1, 240 Jackson St,

Ph: 022 453 1813

Love matters and it takes courage to work on painful areas – such as feeling lost and desperately wanting to get back to how things used to be, or arguing hurtfully, or living separate lives and no longer really talking, or being terribly hurt by something that’s happened or is ongoing.
Having a warm and caring therapist who gets you is so important to feeling safe enough to change your relationship. I use emotionally focused therapy as it provides a well-researched way to work through what gets in the way of loving and being happier.

Derek Borland

Level 2: Additional
B. Couns.; MNZCCA (Executive member – PR portfolio)
Provisional Member, Registered with NZAC
Approved: ACC, Victim Support, Workplace Support, WINZ

Derek Borland Counselling
25B Beach Road,
Kapiti Coast, 5034,

Ph: 021654339

After an early working life in social-work and then business, Derek re-trained as a counsellor, and now lives with his wife Jan at the beach in Paekakariki. Derek loves helping couples find their way from pain and distress to greater intimacy and reconnection, and his other specialty areas are trauma, family work, and play therapy with children.


Jeanette Spencer

Jeanette Spencer
Level 2: Additional
NZAC (provisional member)

Master of Counselling Studies

PGDip Guidance and Counselling (Distinction)

PGDip Public Health (Distinction)

Rooms: Nelson

Tel 021 029 65633


From Jeanette:
To feel trusting, open and loving with ourselves and our partners is a deep human need. However, there are often things that get in the way of experiencing that deep and safe emotional connection. Emotionally focused couples therapy is a safe and effective way to work through those stuck places. By working in the moment and step by step building trust with each other, it becomes possible to open to that love that we have for each other and then continue to strengthen and deepen it. Using the process of EFT we work through what is happening for you both, to move from distress to a place where you experience a light and warm loving connection with each other.

The research around EFT shows it is highly effective. EFT also makes good sense, and is applicable to day to day relationships. That’s why it works so well. As an EFT therapist I am well supported and undertake and receive ongoing specific EFT supervision and training.


Jeff Saunders


Level 2: Additional
For Jeff’s profile click here

Counselling and Couples Therapy
Level 2 – 47 Aotea Tce
Christchurch 8022
Ph: (03) 960 4080
Couples website:
From Jeff: Relating successfully is hard work! What a relief for all of us that a well researched model of how to do so well has been developed. I’ve used the EFT principles in my own relationship, including with my step-children, and love seeing the gains my clients make when I use EFT. What I especially like about EFT is that the method and the research are on-going. The EFT therapeutic community are experiencing an
ever expanding source of understanding, insight, and process tools. I also enjoy the confidence of working with an approach I know will benefit those couples fortunate enough to be supported by the EFT model.

Heike McCahon

heike mccahon

Level 3: Certified

M.A., Dip. Counselling

LifeMatters Counselling
29 Norwood St, Christchurch ( Beckenham)

Tel: 03 9651064 or 0272275969


From Heike:  I love working with couples and I love using EFT! It is a delight for me to see how, when using EFT, difficult patterns in a relationship can be quickly recognised and reversed and how wonderful it is for the couple to be able to start connecting with each other in a way that brings joy, peace and harmony to their hearts.

David Millar

Level 2: Additional
Bachelor of Counselling
Phone: 0272027111

From David: Having worked at Relationships Aotearoa for a number of years, until its closure in 2015; I have had the privilege of seeing many couples over that time. Since then i have continued to specialise in couple work using EFT. I have a strong passion to help couples reconnect with each other in deeper ways, and have found that EFT clearly provides a good solid framework to assist that reconnection to happen. You are welcome to contact me or view my website.

Andrew Winchester

Andrew Winchester photo (2)

Level 2: Additional

BA(Hons) SW  MEd(First class hons)(Counselling)
Memberships: MNZAC, ICEEFT

Cell: 027 437 6497

From Andrew:  Specialising in couple counselling is a joy and a privilege as couples shift from being distressed, insecure, and distant to happy, close, and secure. I have the pleasure every week of helping couples stop fighting, regain a sense of closeness, rekindle their love for each other, feel secure, build trust, recover from affairs, be happy in their relationship, overcome jealousy, and deal with many other relationship concerns that keep couples distant and unhappy.

I have been using Emotionally Focused couple Therapy (EFT) since training with Rebecca Jorgensen in 2008. Completed a masters paper on EFT during 2012 at the University of Canterbury while completing the MEd (First class hons)(Counselling).

Experience working in the fields of mental health, anger management, parent education, mediation, employee assistance programme (EAP), and general counselling. I look forward to being useful to you and your relationship.

Liz Cammock

Liz Cammock

Level 2: Additional


Kathy Caughey

Kathy Caughey
Level 2: Additional
B.Counsel, MNZAC, ACC Registered

Kathy Caughey Counselling,
302 Whitecliffs Road,
RD1, Coalgate, 7673,

Ph: 021 138 8184

I have a Bachelor of Counselling in Person-Centred Counselling (PCC) and have trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Individuals, Couples and Families. I am a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC) working within their code of practice. I am passionate about helping children, young people and adults as individuals, couples or families to live and relate well. I have a special interest in working with couples whose relationships are distressed or who would like to deepen their relational bonds. I operate my private practice in Christchurch City and Rural Canterbury, in the Selwyn and Ashburton Districts. See my website for details.

Graeme Clarke

Level 3 : Certified
MA(Hons1), Dip. Clin Psych(Canty.), Dip. Sport Studies(Otago), Dip. Clinical Hypnosis (NZ)
MNZCCP MNZPsych.Soc.(Life Member)
Clinical Psychologist

Unit 10,
35 Riccarton Road,

ph: 033485595
mob: 02102777395

From Graeme:
I have been seeing couples for over thirty years . More recently I have been using the EFT model, and enjoyed the difference the approach can make in couple relationships.
Couples report the experiences they share during EFT sessions allow them to feel safer and more confident with each other .
it is so rewarding when a couple are able to understand and change their negative interaction patterns.
They learn to remain emotionally engaged and available to each other when it matters, The relationship has an opportunity to flourish.
I also have an interest in Trauma work and helping resolve trauma issues that impact on a relationship.
Graeme shared his views on EFT-C in a video on youtube


Ian Crosson

Ian Crosson
Level 1: Externship

6 Nixon St, Tinwald,
Ashburton, 7700

Ph: 0274548398

From Ian: I offer a safe, non-judgemental, professional environment journeying alongside men and women who are distressed by lifes events and supporting them in their quest for wholeness and connectedness.
Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) extends to couples a place to explore what hurts and implement what works, all the while processing old emotional wounds that have created this scary place clients often find themselves in. Emotional bonds are explored as their healing journey continues


Sonja Antonsen


Level 1 – Externship
DIp Counsellling

Sonja Antonsen, Counselling and Therapy                                  
1Warden Street,
Dunedin 9010

Ph: 03 473 0429,  021 269 8421

From Sonja:  Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy answers our basic human needs to be seen, accepted, loved, feel safe and belong.  As a map for working with couples, or individuals, it both recognises these needs, and is congruent with them in its way of working. Fragile relationship bonds can be repaired and secure and loving connections rebuilt. I feel very privileged to do this work, and very grateful for the safe framework EFT provides. It has transformed my own life on many levels and made my work with couples so much more rewarding and effective.