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Level 1:  “Externship” – therapists will have completed a 4 day training externship where they have learned the principles and theory behind EFT. They will have knowledge of, and some experience in putting this into practice in a therapeutic way.

Level 2:  “Additional” – therapists have completed the Level 1 training plus have attended an additional 6 further days of training to enhance and solidify the Core Skills required to put EFT therapy into practice; and have also received a minimum of 8 hours EFT specific supervision and support from an EFT Supervisor.

Level 3:   “Certified” – therapists have gained Certification as an EFT couples Therapist. This is a recognised accreditation which requires submission of work to an International EFT panel to ensure therapy is a pure approach to EFT and at International standards.

Level 4:   “Supervisor” – therapists have complete requirements to supervise and provide consultation on the work of other EFT therapists.

Additionally all therapists will be members of ICEEFT (International Center for Excellence in EFT) and generally be widely read and well informed of Attachment Theory – The Key to Love.