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Level 1: Externship
Registered Psychotherapist (ProvMNZAP)

Three Lamps Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre
2 Jervois Road
Ponsonby, Auckland

New Lynn Osteopathic Clinic
40 Titirangi Rd
New Lynn, Auckland

Ph: 021 255 7154

From Angela: I have training in a variety of couples therapy models and find Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples to be very effective in restoring and/or enhancing a loving connection. I can help you to think about what makes relationships work well and to learn to manage your conflicts and arguments more effectively. Together we’ll look at where you are both getting stuck in your relationship. My areas of special interest include anxiety and depression, grief and loss, maternal mental health, fertility issues and secondary infertility. I find that these issues can often be very effectively addressed in the context of the couple relationship. Additionally, I have a particular interest in how people who have characteristics of Asperger Syndrome experience relationships and in the experiences of their intimate partners.