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Orlistat 120mg online - Orlistat 120 mg information

Andrew Winchester photo (2)

Level 2: Additional

BA(Hons) SW  MEd(First class hons)(Counselling)
Memberships: MNZAC, ICEEFT

Website: www.WinchesterCounselling.co.nz
E-Mail: WinchesterCounsellingANZ@gmail.com
Cell: 027 437 6497

From Andrew:  Specialising in couple counselling is a joy and a privilege as couples shift from being distressed, insecure, and distant to happy, close, and secure. I have the pleasure every week of helping couples stop fighting, regain a sense of closeness, rekindle their love for each other, feel secure, build trust, recover from affairs, be happy in their relationship, overcome jealousy, and deal with many other relationship concerns that keep couples distant and unhappy.

I have been using Emotionally Focused couple Therapy (EFT) since training with Rebecca Jorgensen in 2008. Completed a masters paper on EFT during 2012 at the University of Canterbury while completing the MEd (First class hons)(Counselling).

Experience working in the fields of mental health, anger management, parent education, mediation, employee assistance programme (EAP), and general counselling. I look forward to being useful to you and your relationship.