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Where to purchase orlistat, Orlistat generic

Belinda Hodson March2016 (2)

Level 2: Additional
Bachelor of Counselling

Rooms in: Porirua, Johnsonville, Petone and Wellington CBD

Ph:        027 659 4450
Email: belinda.hodson@ihug.co.nz
Web: www.wellingtoncounselling.nz

From Belinda: For many, the decision to seek professional help for their relationship is often a big and scary step. I know this from my own experience of seeking help many years ago with my own. I use Emotionally Focussed Therapy (EFT) because it is respecting of people’s beliefs and values about relationships, is non-judgemental and the couples I see feel safe to explore the issues in their relationship that really matter to them. 30 years of research proves the effectiveness of EFT and many NZ therapists I speak to who use this approach agree. In addition to de-escalating conflict, EFT helps deepen the connection with one another. A deep connection of closeness and love creates lasting results from therapy and is often the single most important thing people seek in their relationship.  Helping couples rediscover that connection is a privilege.