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Blair Shulze
Level 2: Additional
Registered Psychotherapist
B.Arch(Hons), M.NSc(Hons), PBANZ, NZAP

Counselling Works,
Youthline House,
13 Maidstone Street,

Ph: 021 437 080
Email: Blairshulze@gmail.com
Website: www.counsellingworks.co.nz

I am a registered Psychotherapist who has been working in the counselling profession for over 20 years and couple therapy is a particular passion of mine. It is a privilege to help couples move away from problematic communication and guide them to connect in a more intimate & heartfelt way. I am experienced with most issues affecting couples including affairs, addictions, depression and anxiety. For more information about me see www.counsellingworks.co.nz .