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Bridget Macdonald
Level 3: Certified

PeopleSupport Services Limited
5 Speight Road,
Auckland 1071

Ph: 021 451 193

Email: order xenical orlistat cheap

Website : canadian rx orlistat

Couples Therapy, Counselling and Mediation
Feeling deeply connected to a partner brings joy and security, giving confidence in other key relationships and life endeavours.
When we face mountains together they don’t seem so high! EFT offers a well-proven map to getting us all back on track from disconnection, distance, despair, entrenched patterns or injury. It will give you ways to hear, confide in and experience your partner with new depth and beauty.
I am passionate about the transforming change and healing that EFT brings to relationships. Understanding and working with emotions to shape safe, fulfilling, balanced lives is central to every aspect of my practice and daily life. I apply EFT principles and learnings to working with couples and individuals, leaders, managers and groups in businesses and hospitals. It is a honour to join with people to discover how their relational lives can be optimised.
I work early morning, daytime and 4 evenings a week to provide flexible session options.