Cary Hayward

150810 cary hayward

Level 2 Additional
Diploma Psychotherapy
BA Psych
Post Grad Dip Education

Rooms in Whitby and Wellington CBD

Ph 027 2216871

From Cary: I have had the privilege of leading the initial development of Emotionally Focused Therapy in New Zealand by bringing Dr Rebecca Jorgensen to New Zealand from 2008 to 2014. Over this time I have worked very closely with Rebecca developing the organisation, training and practice of EFT in NZ, and have organised and hosted trainings to over 260 counsellors from NZ, Australia and the US. Through this work I have had exposure to many training hours and many hours of conversation with Rebecca and other practitioners about the practice of EFT and its application to different aspects of relationship work.

I love working with couples, and for me EFT has brought a magic ingredient to this work. EFT focuses on the attachment dynamics in a relationship and how these influence the ways that we respond to one another and try to get what we need in our relationships – our patterns of connection and disconnection. Once we can understand these patterns we can start to get beyond the dramas that get in the way, and to get to the places we want to be with one another. EFT helps us to move away from moments of disconnection, frustration or despair and to find our way to moments of satisfaction, connection, hope and love.

I work from a beautiful spot in Whitby with amazing views of the Pauatahanui Inlet and surrounding hills, and also from rooms in the CBD (Wellington). My website should be up in September ’15 with more information about me and the way I work.