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Level 2: Additional

Options Counselling,
Level 1 Churchill Building,
45 Grey Street,
Tauranga CBD,

Phone: 027 824 7518
Email: Debbie@optionscounselling.co.nz
Website: order xenical orlistat cheap
canadian rx orlistat

From Debbie: I enjoy working with couples and individuals experiencing a wide range of issues including sexual problems, affairs,

trauma, anxiety, pornography, depression, abuse, grief and loss, anger, cancer and chronic health issues.

My couples work is based on Emotionally Focused Therapy and the development of emotional responsiveness between partners. I am  passionate about working with couples to understand the negative pattern in their relationship (we all have one) that results in feelings of disconnection and conflict. Once the pattern is clear we then work together to replace this with a more positive pattern that builds connection, closeness, security and a long lasting loving bond. For more information please visit my website www.optionscounselling.co.nz

I also work with my colleague Yve to offer Conversations for Connection-Couples workshops in Tauranga. You can find participant feedback and more information on our workshop at www.emotionallyfocusedtherapty.co.nz