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Level 3 : Certified
MA(Hons1), Dip. Clin Psych(Canty.), Dip. Sport Studies(Otago), Dip. Clinical Hypnosis (NZ)
MNZCCP MNZPsych.Soc.(Life Member)
Clinical Psychologist

Unit 10,
35 Riccarton Road,

ph: 033485595
mob: 02102777395

From Graeme:
I have been seeing couples for over thirty years . More recently I have been using the EFT model, and enjoyed the difference the approach can make in couple relationships.
Couples report the experiences they share during EFT sessions allow them to feel safer and more confident with each other .
it is so rewarding when a couple are able to understand and change their negative interaction patterns.
They learn to remain emotionally engaged and available to each other when it matters, The relationship has an opportunity to flourish.
I also have an interest in Trauma work and helping resolve trauma issues that impact on a relationship.
Graeme shared his views on EFT-C in a video on youtube