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Jeanette Spencer
Level 2: Additional
NZAC (provisional member)

Master of Counselling Studies

PGDip Guidance and Counselling (Distinction)

PGDip Public Health (Distinction)

Rooms: Nelson

Tel 021 029 65633


From Jeanette:
To feel trusting, open and loving with ourselves and our partners is a deep human need. However, there are often things that get in the way of experiencing that deep and safe emotional connection. Emotionally focused couples therapy is a safe and effective way to work through those stuck places. By working in the moment and step by step building trust with each other, it becomes possible to open to that love that we have for each other and then continue to strengthen and deepen it. Using the process of EFT we work through what is happening for you both, to move from distress to a place where you experience a light and warm loving connection with each other.

The research around EFT shows it is highly effective. EFT also makes good sense, and is applicable to day to day relationships. That’s why it works so well. As an EFT therapist I am well supported and undertake and receive ongoing specific EFT supervision and training.