Jeff Saunders


Level 2: Additional
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Counselling and Couples Therapy
Level 2 – 47 Aotea Tce
Christchurch 8022
Ph: (03) 960 4080
Couples website:
From Jeff: Relating successfully is hard work! What a relief for all of us that a well researched model of how to do so well has been developed. I’ve used the EFT principles in my own relationship, including with my step-children, and love seeing the gains my clients make when I use EFT. What I especially like about EFT is that the method and the research are on-going. The EFT therapeutic community are experiencing an
ever expanding source of understanding, insight, and process tools. I also enjoy the confidence of working with an approach I know will benefit those couples fortunate enough to be supported by the EFT model.