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Jo Batts
Level 2: Additional

Provisional member NZAC, ICEFT

B.Couns, Adv Sex Therapy

The Parenting Place
300 Great South Road
Auckland 1051

Ph: 021 525343

Email: jobattscounselling@gmail.com

Website: jobattscounselling.com

Jo is passionate about relationships. Recognising that life is a lot more enjoyable and fulfilling when our relationships are thriving, Jo has dedicated her training and her practice to support couples as they find their way back to one another through difficult or challenging seasons.

Having trained extensively in advanced sex therapy and emotionally focused therapy, Jo works collaboratively with couples to explore the places where their relationship has become stuck in criticism, blame, anger and resentment. The goal of working together is to establish new and healthy relationship patterns that in turn provide a deep sense of connection, safety and security. Most couples experience their new relationship pattern as life changing which sets them free to focus on the rest of life’s joys and challenges.

Jo’s approach to therapy is grounded in the science of relationships along with practical real life experience and a pragmatic caring style of listening without judgment.