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150310 marion wade

Level 2: Additional

MSc (Psychotherapy)
Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies
ACC Registered

The Terrace, CBD                                                                                    

Mail: PO Box 24 076,Wellington 6142
Telephone: 021 850 094
Email: mlwade@actrix.co.nz

From Marion:  I have worked with couples providing sex therapy since 1997. I realised that some couples needed particular assistance with their communication and tricky feelings they were stuck in, before they could make the most of sex therapy. I find that an emotionally focused therapy can make the difference. While many relationships need help to achieve sexual satisfaction some need help to feel comfortable in intimacy and to feel emotionally safe together; before they can sort out their sexual situation.

I personally and professionally enjoy the EFT way of being and working. I find that when a couple relax and feel confident about feeling understood together, the benefits of this can extend into other relationships and areas of their lives.

I am at level 2 in regular supervision, working towards certification in EFT.