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Susan Harding

Level 3: Certified
M.A., PGDipClinPsych
Clinical Psychologist

Ponsonby Psychology, 179a Ponsonby Rd
Byron Chambers, 2 Byron Ave, Takapuna

09 3607119 | 0274 502 372

From Susan: I have been working with the EFT for couples approach for the past 5 years, and completed the advanced Core Skills training in 2011.  I am honoured to experience the transformation of relationships that is possible through using this model to help couples connect in a more heartfelt way.  I am experienced in working with a wide variety of mental health issues as a Clinical Psychologist  for the past 22 years, both in the UK and New Zealand so I can bring this depth of understanding to couples work, along with other training that  I have .  For further information please visit my website at